3 Thermal Pools

and a wonderful Wellness Center

Thermae & Wellness

The Thermal Waters of Abano

A unique natural resource – whose effectiveness has been recognized by modern medicine – alongside the best solutions for the aesthetic care and welfare of the body.


The purity of water, its thermal properties, the combination of ancient knowledge and modern science of aesthetics. From these elements come our wellness, beauty and healing programs, designed to rebuild a state of psycho-physical harmony and fight the most common aesthetic problems.

More than 50 different treatments to choose from: starting with those dedicated to the aesthetic of your face and body, to those who will make you relax and move up, to physiotherapy which will enable you to work on joints and muscles with the effects of loosening or toning.

Combining our Wellness proposals to Thermal Treatments can visibly strengthen them in their effectiveness, leading to more positive effects on the entire body.

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